The Issues

Parental Involvement

Parents are instrumental in the success of their child’s education. However, thanks to covid restrictions, parents have been shut out of most Wake County Public schools classrooms for the past few years. I have seen time and time again, parents come before the Wake County school board and have their concerns and requests ignored and even shut down. Becki will advocate for:

  • Parents being allowed back into classrooms to volunteer and be involved in their child’s education
  • Parents need to have the choice and authority over their child’s medical decisions
  • Parents must be notified of any and all surveys before they’re given, and be given the ability to opt- IN rather than to opt- OUT

Student Achievement

Test scores have been on a steady decline in Wake County Public Schools even before Covid shut down schools and children had to learn virtually. Studies have shown that face to face instruction is best, and our kids have experienced great learning loss due to the response to Covid. Becki is a proponent of:

  • Covid funding should go into a fund (ESA’s) for the parents to use in the way that supports their children’s best method of learning
    using textbooks in classrooms and for homework
  • Before and After School programs as well as Summer programs to support children who need extra help

Teacher Success

I am continually hearing from teachers who stressed out, burnt out and under-funded they are. Covid wasn’t kind to them as they had to pivot quickly to adjust to teaching virtually. Teachers are working so hard with our children to succeed academically. Becki will support:

  • Funding our teachers appropriately
  • Rewarding efforts towards continuing education
  • Attracting great, qualified teachers
  • Giving teachers resources and flexibility to address individual student’s needs

Focus on Academics

I believe that Wake County Public schools would thrive if we go back to the basics and focus on academics. Becki will push for:

  • Traditional math over MVP Math or Common Core
  • Social studies curriculum that is free of race and gender-based ideology
  • A broad scope of history that is accurate and fact-based

Transparency in Curriculum

Parents deserve to know what is being taught in the classrooms. Many issues between parents and schools stem from parents not knowing what is being taught to our children. Becki will work to:

  • Implement a curriculum night at the beginning of the year, so teachers can present an over view of what they will be teaching in each quarter
  • A list of books and website used in the classroom
  • Allow parental feedback and have an open line of communication between teachers and parents.